Read reviews from satisfied customers of Anet's Dog Services



"Anet has been walking my dog, Sooty, for months and I'm very pleased. He looks forward to his weekly walks. Anet's ability to discipline him and to control him is amazing".

"Anet has been supplying Sooty with treats for months. Anet changes her treats all the times. Sooty also loves and looks forward to these."

"Sooty was well adjusted and happy on my return. He was walked daily [...] Sooty was happy and was well looked after [...]. Happy to use her services again as I was kept informed of his progress with regular photos and text comments which made me feel secure that Sooty was happy."

- Christine 



"Blake loves his treats that Anet supplies to him". 

- Daisy



"Boston has been very lucky that Anet has been supplying him with treats. Much appreciated, loved and enjoyed".

- Simone



"Sampson loved his treats. His tail was wagging overtime and he couldn't get enough. He especially loves the 3 Cheeses."

- Mark



"As a proud owner of a Maltese Shitzu, I am pleased to say that he has enjoyed whole heartily the treats sampled from Anet's selection. His favourites are based around those which have included apple, pumpkin, and/or carrot".

- Michelle


Lulu & Turbo

"We stumbled upon Anet's recently at Port Adelaide. We own 2 very active Jack Russells, and they are definitely part of our family. I open the bass, the shape of bones, hearts, balls, and cupcakes, they look very appetising for a dog. Lulu and Turbo lit up with the treats. Up on hind quarters and with tails wagging at top speed. At the end of the bags Turbo was pushing it around looking for more. Bottom line - Anet's dog treats were a big hit with us and our pooches are looking for more!!".

- Sally & Harry